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2011-10-05 11:22:56 by ForestXion

Hey guys, I am posting some recent artwork on the site.
It would be nice if you could check em out and give me your thoughts.
This will be my last semester in the art school, and as soon as i finish that I'm gonna do a Flash animation. Must have learned something in 6 years right?? heh

If you want to see more check my facebook page !



2011-05-17 22:55:11 by ForestXion


woot i installed flash again

2010-06-28 14:27:41 by ForestXion

So yea, i did it
you hear me?
and im glad, GLAD I DID IT

it was the one-.armed man

How to make your own zombiee !!!!!!!!! WOOT

2010-02-19 20:39:40 by ForestXion

/* */ 7H8I

Well that is that, duh.
I would appreciate comments tho
and yea, that's about it

How to make your own zombiee !!!!!!!!! WOOT

uploaded to the art section

2009-08-23 17:43:18 by ForestXion

Just uploaded 2 works for the art section in fine art
check em up!!

Hey guys

2009-08-23 17:07:23 by ForestXion

So i've been watching some old/new flashes and it really made me feel good
I am so ready to start flashing again, its gonna be 4 years now since my last flash
before i joined the art school and i am pretty excited about that cuz now i have more knowledge about this kind of stuff.
Since im studiying traditional painting im not used to the computer programs and havent touched flash since de 2004 version but its all good, it is a HUGE improvement.
Anyway, i'd like to start soon but since my clases are up i don't know when
first of al i need to buy the program again hehe
Oh yea and for the comback im planing to open it with a final DC contest and then other more serious shortsim thinking of.

We'll c soon !


pd: check my flicker page!!

Hey! check this shit out! (moar wax figures and paintings)

2009-01-27 16:04:48 by ForestXion

It's all in there, all the gallery and stuff
Im thinking about making a flash soon
its been 3 years now since i stopped flashing wow!


pd: o yea check this too UK6s&feature=channel_page its a stop-motion animation

Hey! check this shit out! (moar wax figures and paintings)

Stop motion vid

2008-08-02 12:46:51 by ForestXion

yea well i havn't flashed in like 2 years but i made this yesterday... its kinda cool
I'm like busy painting and stuff but hey I'm on vacatioonss UK6s

Stop motion vid

Beach day

2008-06-22 18:03:04 by ForestXion

Something i did at the beach a while ago... zzz
so anyway what up...
I'm bored...
Add my flash "you'll never know" to a collection pl0x lol
Yes u can bs me if u want
i dont care at all

Beach day

Check this wax figure i made!

2008-03-04 18:20:09 by ForestXion

So yea I've been working on this for 2 days now and i still need to add some details but
this is basically the final result.
It's made of bee wax and I used acrylic painting to paint it
oh and It's pretty flexible since it has a wire structure
so now i was just wondering...
would u buy this?
how much?
well that's it

PD: i enjoyed making this and i will still make more since i like it
oh and I also made one of kefka from ff6 :p, it is much bigger tho

how the heck do i put more pics? D:


Skeleton Warrior

Check this wax figure i made!